Stormwater runoff is the leading cause of pollution in our local Rivers and the Puget SOund.  



City of Seattle is making it easy for you to take action to reduce our impact on local water bodies through the creation of the RainWise Program.  RainWise offers eligible residents a rebate to build a rain garden in your yard or attach a cistern to your downspout.  

The average rebate is $4,000!  As certified RainWise contractors we can help guide you through the process of getting a rain garden or cistern installed on your property. If interested, contact us for more information and eligibility status, or see the link below.

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This rain garden collects water from a roof and passes it through a swale planted with Sword Fern, Siberian Iris, Rushes, Carex, Geranium, and a Red Twig Dogwood, reducing pressure on City of Seattle stormwater infrastructure.



RAINWISE Cistern  |  Rainier Valley, SEATTLE, WA

Cisterns collect rainwater from roofs.  This cistern collects 205 gallons of rainwater and will hold it for watering an ornamental garden during our droughts in the summer.  After the cistern fills, overflow passes into the City of Seattle side sewer.