a selection of recent Designs


Seatac, WA

In the front yard a small lawn will be surrounded by ribbons of Carex testacea, Geranium, Festuca, Astilbe, Calluna, and Echinacea. Planted within these perennials will be larger bird friendly shrubs including Mahonia, Lonicera, Nandina, and Sambucus. In the back yard a lawn will be surrounded by a vegetable garden with raised beds, blueberries, and raspberries, while plantings of Ilex, Nandina, Phormium, and Vaccinium will provide privacy along the property’s border.  

Friday Harbor, San Juan Island, WA

The approach and circulation around a vacation home on San Juan Island was designed to highlight southerly views of the Salish Sea. Cobblestones, Charcoal flagstone, Mexican black pebbles, and gravel will be combined to create interesting transitions between materials around the home.

Phinney RIdge, Seattle, WA

Mixed drifts of drought tolerant shrubs and perennials surround an Indian Paintbrush Patio and Pathway. Roman Stack Stone retaining wall with a stair case will help level the existing slope. Cedar raised beds will provide a dense organic food growing area!

Beaumont, Portland, or

Working in tandem with the City of Portland’s new Ecologically Sustainable Landscapes Program we designed a ‘NatureSpace’ within historic Wilshire Park in Portland, OR. The space will help slow stormwater runoff and provide food and shelter for native birds. It’s location next to a large picnic area will provide a pleasant place for children to explore and learn about native plants. Students from nearby Beaumont Middle School have surveyed the site with their science teachers, taking soil measurements and counting the number of plant and animal species they saw in the home of the future NatureSpace. An ongoing school science project will focus on tracking the area’s soil health and biodiversity. 

Green lake, Seattle, WA

In the front yard a concrete path to the door will bisect the yard, with one half being a vegetable garden with raised beds and flagstone pathways, the other half will be a RainWise rain garden taking overflow from a cistern collecting water from the roof of the house. The backyard will include a small flagstone eating/BBQ area with a perimeter planting of Vaccinium, Nandina, Polystichum, Astible, and Ajuga.   

Greenwood, Seattle, WA

A lawn will be replaced with a planting mix of Sweet Box, Phormium, Lonicera, Mahonia, Dianthus, Sword Fern, and Fescue grass, surrounding a large gravel pathway with stone bench seating.

Wedgewood, Seattle, WA

A rain garden will collect stormwater from this home’s roof and slowly release it into our local watershed. Surrounding the rain garden will be pathways and drought tolerant plantings of Bergenia, Salvia, Carex, Gaultheria, and Hebe.

Concordia, Portland, OR

A drought tolerant Ecolawn will be surrounded by a waterwise planting of Geranium, Lupine, Mugo Pine, Carex, Berberis, Rosemary, Nandina, and Yews. 

 Tabor, Portland, OR

This design includes a kitchen vegetable garden adjacent to the house, with raised beds and berries. From the dining room the homeowners will look across a rectangular lawn to a perimeter planting of Geranium, Echinacea, Pennisetum, Ceanothus, Arctostaphylos, Amelanchier, and Pinus. A stone retaining wall will provide space for a wood storage area for the home’s fireplace.

Phinney Ridge, SEATTLE, WA

A planting of showy flowering species and grasses (Euphorbia, Crape Myrtle, Jasmine, Lavenders) in the front of this new craftsman home transitions into a more subdued native palette (Rhododendron, Fern, Maple, Foamflower) towards the private back patio.