Our Values

Growing up in Seattle we enjoyed hiking, fishing, and camping in the natural beauty that surrounds our city.  We hope to alleviate the effects of our city's continued development through ecologically sensitive design and construction.  Our projects incorporate permeable paving, drought tolerant plantings, pollinator gardens, native plants, and wildlife habitat.  We are RainWise certified and encourage homeowners in the Seattle area to take advantage of this program to manage stormwater runoff on their property.  

OUR Team


Jeff Farr

Landscape Designer, Landscape Architect in Training


Jeff has a Master's degree in Landscape Architecture from North Carolina State University, where he studied resilient landscapes in the face of climate change.  Since then he has gained valuable experience working at Northwest landscape architecture firms and nurseries.  He leads our team in the horticultural realm, creating detailed landscape designs and working with local wholesale nurseries to get the best prices for our clients.




Tom Farr

Licensed Rainwise Contractor



Tom graduated from University of Oregon with a degree in Economics. He worked at Pacific Continental Bank as a universal banker gaining valuable experience working with small businesses. Tom is the financial wizard and go-to Rainwise/rain garden guru.






David Farr

Licensed Rainwise Contractor


David has degrees in both Environmental Science and Civil Engineering. He has gained valuable experience in the Architecture/Engineering/Construction fields. His interests lie in the broad nexus of sustainability, engineering, water resources, and climate change. He leads the team in low impact development design and sustainable engineering.